Jennifer Snyder


“I can train dogs; I can train horses; but people learn.” This has been Jennifer Snyder’s mantra since she moved into her role as the Manager of Corporate Learning & Development for a medical device company in Memphis, TN in 2013. With over a decade in the learning industry, Jennifer’s passion for learning is fueled by seeing the passion ignited in others.


Recently relocating to Fort Collins to lead a L&D department at a small pharmaceutical company, she cut her teeth in learning at a training company in Memphis. The professional development opportunities there, including support for her master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction, sparked the flame. She is fascinated with the shift in learning because of new technologies.


In 2013, she implemented an LMS for the medical device company, then implemented it again within four months, when a branch of the company was acquired. She recalls, “It was a lot to do in a very short amount of time, but I learned some valuable lessons along the way.” Jennifer even wrote a blog post about her experience, “9 Lessons Learned from Standing Up an LMS (Twice).”


She currently in the process of implementing an LMS a third time - now for her current employer. "Each time I do this I get to take best practices from the previous implementation. It gets a little easier every time."


Jennifer blogs about learning occasionally at her site,



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