The Northern Rockies Chapter (NRC) of ATD provides growth opportunities for professionals and students interested in workplace learning and performance. Our chapter serves the Northern Colorado region and surrounding areas. Our purpose and reason for being are twofold:


Internal Focus
We increase the effectiveness of local workplace learning and development professionals by:

• Presenting current and relevant programs
• Building relationships for knowledge sharing, and
• Providing leadership opportunities


External Focus
We contribute to the success and well being of the Northern Colorado region by:

  • Referring organizations to qualified workplace learning and performance professionals
  • Providing programs of interest to the local business community, and
  • Acting as a local resource for organizations who are considering coming into the area

Our chapter creates an atmosphere conducive to growth and learning that is free of sales or marketing pressure and where members can form professional relationships, discuss issues and interests, and seek answers to questions or needs.



We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization.




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